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Whether you are defending a claim or initiating one, I can provide legal services related to your Small Claims Court proceeding. 

The Small Claims Court hears a wide range of legal matters where the remedy sought is $35.000 or less.

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What kind  of matters does the small claims court hear anyway?

The Small Claims Court hears civil  matters with a monetary value up to $35,000. 

Civil matters are initiated by a person or a company.  The person making allegations has to prove all of the elements of the allegations on a balance of probabilities (more likely than not).  The remedies that you can seek in Small Claims Court are based on money and/or the return of property.

There is a wide range of issues that come before this court, including:

  • enforcement of Tribunal orders

  • breach of contract disputes

  • employment disputes

  • liable and slander

  • intentional infliction of mental suffering

  • slip and falls

  • passing off

  • product liability

  • professional malpractice

  • negligence

  • the tort of battery

  • the tort of assault

  • false imprisonment

  • and many, many more. 

If you are thinking about starting a Plaintiff's Claim in the Small Claims Court I can help you determine if you have a case, or if the Small Claims Court is the appropriate place to start your claim.

If you have been served and you find yourself needing to defend a claim, I can help you determine your best options in how to respond and I can help you defend and/or resolve the claim.

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